A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Sales

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Sales

Great photography is super important when it comes to making sales on Marketplace, even if you’re not shooting on a model. Here are five simple tips to help you make the most out of shooting for your wardrobe listings.

1. Shoot on a clear background

Pick a background that will help your item stand out. If you’re hanging your item, why not temporarily take down a picture on the wall, allowing you to shoot it directly against a pale background?

Your item needs to be obvious in the image, as it’s going to be viewed on a number of different sized devices, so remember to keep the background as uncluttered as possible!

2. Shoot in natural light

To give your potential customer the best idea of the colour of your item, be sure to shoot it in natural light. This might need you need to position yourself near a window or even outside.

We don’t encourage flash as it often alters the colour in the image.

3. Get Ironing!

If you want people to be interested in purchasing your old garms, you’re going to have to make sure they are well looked after, and this includes getting rid of any creases before you shoot!

Nobody is going to buy a crumpled up dress or shirt, so crack out the iron before you take your snaps.

4. Don’t over-edit

Our photography rules state that excessive editing isn’t allowed, as we want your customers to be able to see the product as clearly as possible.

Whilst that filter might look great for Instagram, it’s probably not right for Marketplace. Keep it simple!

5. Include close-ups

If you’re selling an item with interesting details, be sure to shoot close-ups to add to your listing.

Similarly, if you item has any small defects, be sure to highlight them and provide a close-up photograph.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Sales
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Sales

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